The group “Stumari” (Guest) was founded in 2002. They got their name quite by accident when they were invited to perform as the guests at a joint concert with some other groups. By that time the group still didn’t have a name. The word “Stumari” (Guest) on the poster was interpreted by many as the group’s name and it stuck since then.

At that gig the line-up of the group was as follows: Nino Jandjgava, David Khositashvili, Ramaz Gokadze, Raphael Crohas, David Abuladze and Guram makalatia.

The concert brought its results: the members of “Stumari” decided to work harder and do more. This ended in the first album – “Rope Bridge”. All tracks were recorded and produced in the group’s own Author’s Studio. The album was released in 2004. The “Rope Bridge” was one of the first significant works of the studio. Musicians appearing in this album are: Nino Jandjgava, David Khositashvili, Marina Jandjgava and Guram Makalatia.

The album became quite successful and sold well.

In 2005 the group took part in the international festival “Manover” in Leipzig, Germany. “Stumari” performed together with the members of Georgian Martial Arts Theatre. The performance had very large audience and good response. The line-up at that concert: Nino Jandjgava, David Khositashvili, Marina Jandjgava.

In 2006 “Stumari” was invited to the Festival “East-West”, which was held in the town of Die, France. For this festival the group was joined by Giorgi Khositashvili – bass and doli (Georgian percussive instrument).

In the beginning of 2008 Nodar Man (percussions) joined the group. With this line-up “Stumari” peformed several concerts and in 2009 the second album, Dila (Morning) was released. Most tracks were recorded in the “Author’s Studio”. Two tracks, “Guardian Angel” and “Lark And Owl” were recorded at “Step Records”’ studio by sound engineer Irakli Manchkhashvili. The musicians appearing in the album are: Nino Jandjgava, Davisd Khositashvili, Marina Jandjgava, David Tsintsadze (vocals), Kaki Japaridze (doli) and Nodar Man.

In the end of 2009 Tamuna Mirianashvili (double bass) came to “Stumari” making the spectrum of the group’s sound even wider.

The band “Stumari” has its own very unique style. In its music Georgian traditional sound are blended with the tunes characteristic of classical music and various musical styles. The musicians don’t confine themselves to narrow genre frames. Instead, they experiment baldly with unusual rhythms and harmonies. Lyrics are taken from archaic, early Christian and Percian sources as well as from the modern poetry.

After a long break, in 2020, “Stumari” released their third album “1227 above the sea”. All tracks were recorded in their own “Author’s studio, which is situated exactly at 1227 meters above the sea. Number of new musicians joined the band to record this album: Javad Javadzade as a double bass player, Avtandil Tabukashvili as a drummer, Vatsal Prasher as tabla player, Vakho Babunashvili as bass guitarist and Kaki Japaridze as a Daira (Daf) player.

After the third album release, “Stumari” recorded two more singles: “Da svi” and “Kekela and Maro”

in August 2020 “Stumari” played live for TV one composition “Jejoice” and invited double bass player Arman Nazarov from “Georgian Sinfonietta”

Recently, “Stumari” continues working in “Author’s Studio” on a new compositions.